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"One-stop" service

  Pre-Sale Service

  Pre-sale services

   1 * interact with customers, analyze customer needs.

For some customers, we are actively interact, into pre-work area,  helping customers to conduct sampling and analysis of ore material, free  sample analysis report, combined with the local environment and terrain  analysis of the feasibility study.

2 * From the customer point of view, for the customer design.

Fully  understand the customer's production line capacity, and ultimately the  pellets level size, grain shape grade requirements and customer  investment cost estimates, we experienced design team will be analyzed,  discussed according to the customer's specific situation, conceptual  design, develop Best production lines and layout program, tailored to customers the  most appropriate and economical production line to ensure its profit  maximization.

3 * site visits, immersive.

We invite all customers to visit our company to visit, you just  need to fly to Shanghai, Suzhou or Wuxi, the company's luxury car  business will serve the entire process for you, solve your travel  problems on-site inspection.

4 * visual impression, visit the manufacturing line.

Business  staff will take you to visit our class manufacturing production lines,  advanced manufacturing equipment and modern machinery exhibition,  accessories exhibition, allowing you to our production scale, product  equipment more intuitive impression.


  Sale Service

  Sale of services

   * Installation and commissioning, to provide customers with turnkey services. Lun Biological hundred has a professional after-sales installation team, they skilled, experienced, they work diligently, to be creative, they will guide the installation, commissioning work until normal operation of equipment. While helping customers train operators, until it can be completely independent operation.

  After-Sale Service


1  7x24 hour customer service hotline:
* 24-hour customer service hotline 021-67867376.

2    Warranty Service: 

* Ensure honor products "three guarantees", the product of "three guarantees" indeed the life of the product quality problems, the strict liability to perform under the contract.
* After receiving the notice to user requirements to solve problems occurring in the use of the product, the Company made an initial response within one hour, 24 hours to reach the scene of major issues.

3   Replacement parts 

More than "three guarantees" period of product, ensure the provision of repair parts and their maintenance services according to user needs.
* For products, accessories and consumables to the ex-factory price discount offers.

Service concept

"Customer-oriented", to provide holistic services;
"To serve as the core", tailored to customers the best value products;
"Focus on quality", full service to customers!